Breezair is considered to be the most technologically advanced industrial evaporative cooler on the market, but you might be wondering why you should consider using evaporative cooling in the first place. Here are a few reasons:

Compared to traditional air conditioning, evaporative cooling consumes around 80 to 85% less energy, which can lead to significant savings given that cooling typically accounts for approximately 70% of industrial power usage.

Despite common misconceptions, evaporative cooling uses minimal amounts of water, with each cooler using roughly the same amount of water as a dripping tap over three months. In contrast, the cost savings from reduced electricity usage far outweigh the costs of water usage. Moreover, more water is conserved at the power plant than is utilized in the cooler.

In certain circumstances, evaporative cooling can be far less expensive to install, making it possible to cool areas that would otherwise be unviable.

Unlike traditional air conditioning, which simply circulates stagnant air within a room, evaporative coolers deliver 100% fresh air to the space, creating a refreshing and healthy work environment.

In extreme conditions, when temperatures rise above the system’s design parameters, evaporative coolers continue to function and actually provide more cooling, whereas traditional air conditioning systems lose cooling capacity and eventually shut down completely to prevent damage.

Maintenance for evaporative coolers is less specialized, and does not require F Gas certification, making it much less expensive.

Finally, evaporative coolers contain no refrigerants or other chemicals that are harmful to the environment or require specialized handling.