Earth day – how can air conditioners save the planet?

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Earth day – how can air conditioners save the planet?

Can air conditioners actually save the planet? Let’s ask ourselves this unusual question! Today is the right day as we celebrate the International Earth day!

Global warming is a gradual and increasingly irreversible rise in average world temperatures at sea level, caused mostly by human activities. There are some factors that contribute to Global Warming:

  • Greenhouse gases
  • Carbon dioxide production
  • Intensive farming and deforestation

The impacts of climate change on water, for example, have repercussions for agriculture, drinking water, weather, power supplies, wildlife, and more.

Air conditioners are well known for using chemical refrigerants to cool the air. These energy-intensive machines produce carbon emissions that contribute to the ozone-layer depletion. This in general contributes to global warming.

Actually, there is a category of air conditioners that can help reducing temperature while being kind to the environment: evaporative coolers. These machines cool the air while only using water (R718) and electricity to run.

Evaporative coolers use no synthetic refrigerants. This means they release no harmful CFCs into the atmosphere. Moreover, Evaporative Coolers use water sparingly, so they does not require large amounts of water to operate. Seeley International Evaporative cooling machines actually feature a water management system to minimize water consumption and to maintain quality.

Evaporative coolers can use up to 87% less energy* than an equivalent refrigerated system performing the same duty.

Moreover…no high electrical demand charges even in hot weather! In fact, no matter how hot it gets outside, Evaporative coolers use the same amount of power and still deliver 100% fresh, cool air inside the building. This is in direct contrast to refrigerated systems, which require increasing amounts of power as outside temperatures rise. Evaporative coolers’ cost saving capabilities increase when the heat is at its highest. At the same time, their performance also increases as temperatures rise – in complete contrast to refrigerated systems.

When coupled with DX systems as supplementary unit or installed to pre-cool the air entering an air handling unit, Seeley International’s  indirect evaporative cooling units can reduce the energy use and improve the cooling performance of existing refrigerated systems. This way, we can prolong life of already installed A/C units, without having to dispose of those equipments.

Furthermore, Seeley International evaporative cooling units are built to last in time. Installing a cooling system is an investment into your business. That is why we build evaporative cooling units that are guaranteed to last. We use materials that can withstand constant use in the harshest climates on earth. We actually export our units all over the world.

In conclusion, we can say that evaporative air cooling units CAN help saving the planet! Happy International Earth day!

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*Seeley International’s calculations from performance data logged in NATA accredited testing facility, compared to refrigerated (standard efficiency AC) systems performing the same duty and publicly sourced running cost figures.

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