Adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling): typical applications in the UK

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Adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling): typical applications in the UK

Adiabatic cooling is the most cost effective & environmentally friendly cooling solution in the world. It has many different applications, from industrial environments to semi-open spaces. Let’s discover where users have installed adiabatic cooling in the UK!

In adiabatic (or evaporative) cooling, outside air is blown through a water-saturated cellulose pad and cooled by evaporation. Usually the process involves a big quantity of air. This is why typical evaporative coolers’ installations include big industrial spaces & warehouses with high roofs.

The evaporation process also adds some moisture to the air, this is why spaces cooled by evaporation need also to be open or semi open. In fact, those areas keep some doors, windows or roof louvres open, or it is advisable to install extract fans.

In case you still wish to learn more about adiabatic cooling, you can visit this page.

If you are already familiar with it, continue reading to discover some of the most typical installations of adiabatic coolers.


Industrial spaces & Warehouses

Adiabatic cooling - industrial spaces and warehouses

Heat is an issue throughout the year:

Working conditions can be challenging inside an industrial building. High temperatures mixed with production fumes and contaminants can lead to unpleasant and unhealthy working conditions. In these environments, temperatures can be even higher than outdoors because of production equipment or a lack of building insulation. For this reason, heat can be an issue not only in summer, but throughout the year. With low running costs, adiabatic cooling can be used throughout the whole year. Moreover, it is very easy to install! Many UK industrial plants and warehouses have already given trust to evaporative cooling solutions, for all these reasons.

No need to cool the whole building:

Often industrial buildings have small spaces that are hot and uncomfortable to work in, because of machinery or large glass windows. We can install adiabatic cooling solutions to blanket the “hot spot” with a flow of cool, high velocity, fresh air. This is called “Spot Cooling”.


Sports and leisure centre

Adiabatic cooling - sports and leisure centre

Such facilities consistently have large volumes of people utilizing the space. In addition, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a critical factor for customer and staff well-being. Adiabatic cooling can provide a fresh breeze, instead of a cold stream (like with traditional A/C systems). Moreover, traditional split system rely on recirculating stale air, rather then drawing fresh air from outside. Adiabatic cooling can be the right, cost effective and healthy solution. This technology also provides the right level of moisture for people health, and it does not encourage the proliferation and spread of bacteria.


Educational facilities and schools

Adiabatic cooling - Educational facilities and schools

Recent studies demonstrate the importance of fresh air in learning environments. When the concentration of carbon dioxide falls, in an educational environment students achieve better test results. Many schools around the world have adopted adiabatic cooling, improving students and teachers’ wellbeing.

More and more educational buildings are also looking for environmentally friendly cooling solutions. This is to obtain green credential and meet specific criteria. Adiabatic cooling is one of the most environmentally friendly cooling solutions, as it does not use any chemical refrigerants to cool the air.


Retail applications

Adiabatic cooling - Retail applications

It is very common to find high temperatures in retail environments, due to construction practices and lighting. Customers and staff comfort is important for entrepreneurs. For this reason, they often choose to install adiabatic cooling solutions in retail buildings. This technology is easy to install and cost effective and they can choose to leave doors and windows open when needed. Adiabatic (or evaporative) coolers can consume up to 87% less energy than traditional A/C systems.

For example, many pet shops have adopted adiabatic cooling in order to improve IAQ and to keep animals and feedstuff safe and cool.


Car workshops and other semi open spaces

Adiabatic cooling - Car workshops and other semi open spaces

Car workshops can experience low productivity, especially in summertime and hot afternoon hours. The reason lies also in car engines, vehicle fumes and products used. During hot periods, staff can experience heat stroke and sudden fainting.

Research demonstrate that adiabatic cooling can be a great solution, for many different reasons. First of all, the car workshop area is a semi-open space, which features large openings for the air to naturally escape. Secondly, A/C could not be a solution as it relies on recirculating indoor air. This is not only unhealthy in this situation, but also not effective, because of natural openings.


Many companies in the United Kingdom have decided to adopt adiabatic cooling solutions. You can discover some of them by browsing our website.

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