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Home Evap Cooling Why Breezair Next Steps Videos / Media Contact Us

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Industrial Features

The latest generation of Breezair evaporative coolers include a number of features specifically designed to enhance their use in commercial and industrial premises:

Lowest Possible Water Use

Our coolers use less water than others, often extremely important in industry, because of a holistic approach to engineering.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Our Hushpower, Invertercool and Icon motors all use far less energy than others, while at the same time keeping noise levels low and air flow rates high.

Industrial Control Schemes

From simple manual controls, through fully automatic types, to group controlled systems with BMS connectivity, Breezair’s control options make designing the perfect industrial cooling system easy. And with plug and play connectivity, we save you money too.

All of our controls provide you with feedback about the condition of the system. To find out why this is so important, take a look at our video here.

Flexible Configurations

Roof mounting remains the most popular configuration for Breezair coolers, but if roof access is difficult or impossible, our top outlet conversion makes it easier than ever to install the coolers at low level, where access isn’t restricted.

Best Available Cooling Performance

By manufacturing our coolers to the highest standards possible, we minimise the amount of air that bypasses the cooling pads to dilute the cooling effect, and ensure that the air and water distribution over the pads is even and effective.

All of our performance figures are certified in a laboratory accredited to ISO 17025, so you can be confident that you’ll get the cooling you’re expecting. Take a look at our video here.

Best Quality Construction for a Long Service Life.

We are so confident of our build quality and reliability that we offer a two year warranty on all parts, extended to 10 years for the structural parts, and 25 years for the Permatuf® cabinet.